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Strategic domain for SEO companies, web content providers, content platforms and media companies. This historic site (with ancient HTML and 1990s design, tables and all) archives 88 classic articles on creating and optimising accessible web and intranet content.

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88 historic articles on web content are archived on this website

Purchaser of the domain has the option of purchasing the website's content also. Examples of classic articles by Rachel McAlpine related to web page content:

  1. Design for migraines
  2. The 'hey you!' user test
  3. Dodge grammar traps
  4. Global English
  5. Change to screen-friendly fonts
  6. Schedules online: in tables or plain text?
  7. E-mail: pause before you send
  8. Standards for online graphs — governance, accessibility, usability, design, QA
  9. Standards for online content authors
  10. Eyes top left: what web authors learn from Eyetrack III
  11. How to write summaries for web and intranet pages, and why
  12. Stop creating ROT (redundant, outdated and trivial content)
  13. When is a long document not a long document?
  14. Two kinds of keywords
  15. Say when and where in web content
  16. Link location that works